Day 1

Day 1 is in the books. I made it to Storm Lake. It was a beautiful day. The riding was good. There was a breeze from the South in the morning that picked up speed in the afternoon. I don't have a real narrative that fits these daily updates but I do have a list of things to note that have been rattling about in my head.

  • Climbing hills with a loaded bike means you have no momentum going into the hill. Get used to spinning.
  • The hill coming out of Cherokee is really long.
  • The jingle about the stain "on my white shirt" is really catchy.....and annoying after a while.
  • I couldn't find a C-store in Hospers. This made me sad.
  • If you are even close to a bike around this time of year in Iowa, Ragbrai will be mentioned.
  • A nice warm shower is hard to beat after a long day on the bike.

That's all for now.